G1 Development, LLC is dedicated to a wide range of technical and commercial consulting services and product development in the areas of environmental and industrial technologies. The company's key focus areas include air pollution control technologies, catalyst systems and energy conversion technologies. Key services include:

Engineering Specifications, Cost Analyses and Technical & Commercial Oversight to support regulatory actions, including:

BACT/RACT/LAER permit applications

System design & specifications

RFP/RFQ issuance, analysis & recommendations

RICE / NESHAP analysis & equipment recommendations

Catalyst System Design and Fabrication with special emphasis on custom design systems for reducing NOx, CO, UHC, Soot & Odors

Exhaust Silencer Design and Fabrication with special emphasis on custom design systems for reducing engine exhaust noise

Review & Evaluation of System Costs prepared by regulatory agencies, corporations, consultants and other entities

Review & Evaluation of System Designs prepared by subcontractors, consultants and engineering staff

Product Design Reviews for cost reduction, applications and introduction into new markets

Strategic Procurement and liaison services with US and foreign-based suppliers

Project Management Services

Inspection, Monitoring and Expediting of key components, systems and subcontractors

Strategy Development & Technical Marketing in support of general marketing, sales and product applications


Technology Reviews and Engineering Specifications

Cost Analysis

Strategic Procurement

Project Management

Diesel Catalyst

Oxidation Catalyst

SCR NOx Catalyst

Replacement Catalyst

Particulate Filters

Catalytic Silencers


Custom Silencers

Industrial Grade

Residential Grade

Critical Grade

Super Critical Grade

Extreme Grade