We offer a wide range of standard and custom catalyst products along with heavy-duty engine exhaust silencers and exhaust line accessories. Catalyst products are available for replacement applications, packagers, new installations or upgrades to existing systems. Our high quality products coupled with custom engineering, extensive experience and industry partners allow us to tackle the most challenging applications with timely, cost effective solutions. We help keep your company in compliance with environmental regulations. All products can be shipped worldwide.

Custom Catalyst Products & Catalyst Units

Diesel & Biodiesel Catalyst Units

Oxidation Catalyst

Three-way (NSCR) Catalyst

Catalyzed Diesel Soot Filters (Particulate Filters)

VOC Catalyst

SCR NOx Control Catalyst

All units are custom designed and built to order. Housings are available in 304 or 316 stainless steel or carbon steel. Connections are available as flanged, MNPT, FNPT, straight tube or slotted tube for a slip-fit (clamped).

Exhaust Silencers

Standard Design Silencers (Mufflers)

Custom Design Silencers

Catalytic Silencers (Diesel, Oxidation & Three-way Catalyst)

Silencers are available in standard configurations as well as customized designs in carbon steel and stainless steel materials. Units are available for industrial, mobile, stationary and marine applications. A variety of high efficiency, low pressure drop designs can be supplied in the following attenuation grades:

  • Industrial (15-22 dBA)
  • Residential (18-23 dBA)
  • Critical (Hospital Grade) (18-32 dBA)
  • Super Critical (30-42 dBA)
  • Extreme & Custom (38-50 dBA)

Exhaust System Accessories

Wall Thimbles

Roof Thimbles

Rain Caps

Spark Arrestors

Flex Joints


Mounting Bands & Supports

Elbows, Flanges & Hardware

All products designed and manufactured with pride in the USA.


Technology Reviews and Engineering Specifications

Cost Analysis

Strategic Procurement

Project Management