• Poorly circulated room air raises potential exposure to contaminants by up to six times September 22, 2021
    Having good room ventilation to dilute and disperse indoor air pollutants has long been recognized, and with the COVID-19 pandemic its importance has become all the more heightened. But new experiments show that certain circumstances will result in poor mixing of room air, meaning airborne contaminants may not be effectively dispersed and removed by building […]

  • As Climate Envoy, John Kerry Faces Tough Path September 23, 2021
    As the first presidential envoy for climate, he wants to persuade world leaders to “do what the science tells us.” With global climate talks less than two months away, he faces a tough path.
    Lisa Friedman

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  • Space Force unveils new uniform prototypes September 22, 2021
    The U.S. Space Force has unveiled its new dress uniform, which includes a navy coat with six buttons that symbolize the sixth branch of the military.